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School Terms

There are two school terms each session (year)

  • Term - April to September
  • Term - October to March

Personal Belongings

A ‘List of items to be brought by the students’ will be provided by the school after granting the admission. Parents must ensure that exactly the same quantity and type of items are sent with the child. Parents are advised not to send any expensive personal items with their children to the school. Such expensive items can be confiscated or the school will not be responsible for the loss or damage of such items.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited for the students while in the school campus. Mobile once confiscated, will not be returned and a stringent disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulter.


Pestle Weed is offering education to the needy and academically exceptional students by giving them scholarship in order of merit.

Parents’/Guardians’ Visits

It is mandatory for the parents/guardians to attend the Induction Ceremony, Founder’s Day Celebration and All PTA meetings. Parents must visit their wards only as per the dates and timings mentioned in the yearly school calendar.

Late Arrivals

If the student reports late to the school after vacation/break without prior information and approval thereof by the competent authority, his name shall be struck off the school roll and will not be granted re-admission. However, it would be the sole discretion of the Principal to consider re-admission.


Fee has to be paid in one installment only, at the time of admission/by 31st March. The child will not be allowed to attend classes and no transfer certificates will be issued until all dues are cleared. Fee has to be paid by the dates mentioned above otherwise there will be a penal charge @ 1.5% per month after the said dates. Name of the child can be struck off the rolls if there is an undue delay in the payment of the fee. There will be no reduction of fee on the grounds of holiday/forced closure or absence for any reason whatsoever.


No withdrawals are allowed in the middle of the session. Parent intending to discontinue the education of their child from next session must give a prior notice in writing to reach the Principal not less than 3 months (i.e. by 31st December) before the commencement of the next session. Failing this the security deposit and fee will be forfeited. If the withdrawal is demanded on a short notice, the school shall charge the fee for full one term. Parents withdrawing their child in the middle of the session will not entitled to any refund.

Awards -

Outgoing students will sign “Honor Book” for:

  • Regular good conduct and achievement in studies.
  • Proficiency in games.
  • Students standing first and second in aggregate in the year’s result.
  • Prizes for events in sports and athletics will be awarded according to the merit of the competitors.

Punishment -

  • Yellow Cards: Students habitually late or not properly dressed will be put on this card by the House Captains. Such students will report to the House Incharge during the break each day for a week and will not be taken off the “Yellow Card” till an improvement is visible. Minus points will be given to the Houses for such students.
  • Blue Cards: Careless and untidy work in academics leads to the award of a “Blue Card”. If the progress during the week is satisfactory the Blue Card is discontinued. The Blue Cards are issued by the Class teachers only.
  • Red Cards: Serious offences, disobedience to a House Captain, or telling lies indicates the award of a “Red Card” which deprives the offender of availing of any privilege in the school for a week. He/she is not allowed to attend any entertainment, picnics, outings or buy any sweets, drinks, ice creams from the canteen, while on a Red Card. The award of 3 Red Cards in quick succession may lead to the expulsion of the offender from the School on disciplinary grounds. Red Cards are issued by the Principal himself.
  • The Principal reserves the right to expel/rusticate any student on disciplinary ground.