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The Campus

The Campus

Our founder scouted for five long years to find the ideal land parcel to set up the The Pestle Weed School, rejecting over 150 sites to finally decide on the Malsi Hill Estate, on the outskirts of *Dehradun. Getting its name from the nearby “Malsi Deer Park” which now is the City Zoo of Dehradun & Mussoorie. The campus spread over 20 acres, is bordered by a historical stream and reserved forests with beautiful views of the Himalayan Ranges. The campus has over 2000 trees, some of which are over 300 years old and is home to over 100 species of birds. With its own dairy, kitchen garden, and orchards the Pestle Weed campus offers everybody their own space, and creates livelong experiences.
Located on the outskirts of Dehradun, in the foothills of the Himalayas the beautiful 20-acre campus blends nature with worldclass infrastructure with modern purpose-built facilities including an art/music complex and an amphitheater.
Dehradun is located 200 miles North East of New Delhi, and is famous the world over for its educational institutions. The flying time between New Delhi and Dehradun is just 30 minutes. There are over 10 daily flights, between the two cities


The time-table is devised in such a manner that each student gets ample time to spend in the school library. The library is well stocked with extensive range of reference books, novels, comics, magazines, periodicals, current-affairs issues, newspapers, educational CDs etc, covering all spheres of reading universe. The library is fully computerized which help students locate books quickly and easily. The students are encouraged to explore the online book world using internet under the watchful supervision and guidance of the well trained and experienced Librarian. The library is well equipped and well laid having ergonomic furniture, computer, printer and photocopier for the use of the students.


A high sense of security prevails in the campus as sufficient security personnel are vigilant and watchful 24 by 7 to ensure security & safety of every inmate. The security personnel are provided by an external agency having more than 20 years of experience in security services. The security personnel are well trained and dressed with all accessories.


For fitness enthusiasts, we provide a 16 station Gymnasium. The students perform routine workout under the instructions of the qualified gym trainer. Do's & Dont's are taken due care of, both by the trainer and the trainees. The gym is aesthetically arranged and well stocked with Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stationary Bikes, Aerobic steppers, Cable Pulley Machines, Weight machines, Free weights, Abdominal Crunchers, Rowing Machines, Exercise Balls etc.


Special care and arrangements make the sick children feel home and motherly care of the nursing staff help them recover faster. The school has an infirmary equipped with modern amenities to cater for basic and emergency medical care. The school Doctor is well qualified pediatrician (MBBS, MS). The school has a tie up with the nearby Hospitals for catering to the emergency needs

Class Rooms

The class rooms are spacious and well ventilated, with sufficient lighting. Smart Class Rooms with interactive boards have been installed to keep abreast with the latest advancement in the teaching methodology. With aesthetically designed furniture, the class rooms are devised to accommodate a maximum of 20 students per class in order to ensure individual attention to every child. The rotational seating plan ensures that every child gets the chance to sit in the front row. The layout and colour of the walls has been planned by profession interior designers to ensure conducive atmosphere in the class room for everyone's involvement during the class room transactions.


PHYSICS LAB:- The Physics laboratory is well stocked with modern technology apparatus for conducting all experiments prescribed by CBSE . The students are exposed to the practical world of physics particularly the middle & senior school students, by allotting sufficient time for laboratories.
CHEMISTRY LAB:- The Chemistry lab is equipped with all the apparatus and chemicals required for practicals as prescribed by C.B.S.E. The safety measures have been precisely kept into mind as sufficient fire fighting equipments and emergency equipments are installed in the laboratory.
BIOLOGY LAB:- The Biology lab is fully equipped with instruments, microscopes, 3D models, specimens etc. for conducting practicals as per the C.B.S.E. Syllabus.
COMPUTER LAB:- The Computer lab is well equipped with more than 40 computers, where in each student get individual system while in the computer lab. All the necessary software are installed in all the machines. The lab has LAN and WAN connectivity with internet connections.
DIGITAL LANGUAGE LAB:- The school has a digital language lab with modern audio-video software with Lingua Phone Company, London, which enables the students to sharpen their communication skills and pronunciation.
HOME SCIENCE LAB:- A fully equipped Home Science Lab with modern appliances is set up for the students opting for Home Science at AISSCE Level.


In the lap of Mother Nature is the school's Amphitheatre 'The Throbbing Stones' surrounded by evergreen saal forest giving a scenic beauty to the spectators/audience. The students perform various cultural activities including theatre & drama, multi staged light & sound show etc. The ambience adds up to the performance of the students while performing on the stage.

Multipurpose Hall

The W.C. Kashyap Memorial Auditorium and Multipurpose Hall is one of the biggest Multipurpose Halls in the state having a seating capacity of 3500 person along with an Indoor Basketball Court, three Badminton Courts and a Skating Ring at one floor whereas on the other floor, eight Table Tennis Tables with two robotic Tennis Table are there for the students. The Multipurpose Hall is also used for various cultural activities, drama & theater, school assembly and indoor games.

Wi-Fi Campus

The Pestle Weed Campus is a fully Wi-Fi enabled campus with 10 MB bandwidth leased line, allows convenient, widely available, high speed access to internet at any place and time in the campus. The internet access is provided to the students with immense filtration using Cyberom Firewalls so that only the educational sites may be accessed.


The school has four air-conditioned buses and five cabs for transporting students and staff during excursion & trips. Well trained and experienced drivers assisted with careful and vigilant conductors, take extreme care of children. The students are sent on regular educational tours & term end excursions.

Mess Facility

Expertly planned vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals supplemented with dry fruits, dairy products and seasonal fruits are served in clean and hygienic environment. For milk and dairy products, the school has its own dairy having 40 cows therein out of which 25-30 are milking cows. Bakery products such as bread, bun, cookies, pastries, patties, pizzas, cakes etc. are prepared in the in-house bakery.

Boarding House

A warm sense of belongingness and security prevails at both the boys and girls hostels of Pestle Weed. Spread over vast sprawling grounds and covering a riverbed in its fold, both the hostels offer an easy access to the various facilities available. After a rigorous workout at the indoor and outdoor sports complex, students relax in their respective residential wings under the care and watchful eyes of the wardens. A cafe, tuck shop, public call facility and 24 hr. wireless internet managed for the students under restricted timings. Laundry and dry cleaning is also in-house.