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Admission Guide

Admissions guide

Pestle Weed seeks a diversified student body that reflects a range of backgrounds, nationalities, cultures, aptitudes and interests. Most students enter The Pestle Weed School in standard 1-6, we do also accept students in higher classes. The number of vacancies varies by class and year; you could speak to our counselors by simply clicking on the “Click to get a call back” link at the bottom right of this page. Being an International School we accept students from all Nationalities.

What do we look for in Students?

For younger students we look for general proficiency in English and Mental Maths. Past report and teacher recommendations are also very important, as well as what students are like during their school visits. Admission officers are keen to observe the student in a group of students and understand how they behaved and if he or she was able to get along with other students.
Regimentalzed discipline is expected from the student.

In addition to the application materials mentioned below, the admissions committee is also looking for evidence that the applicant is genuinely interested in learning, reading, and other intellectual pursuits. In the interview, they may ask your child about what he or she reads or what they like to study in school. The answer is not as important as the genuine interest the child shows in learning—inside and outside of school. If the child has a compelling interest, he or she should be prepared to speak about it in the interview and to explain why it means something to them.

In the instance that a student is underperforming at his or her current school, explanations of why are always helpful, and what the candidate needs to excel. Being able to articulate where a learning environment is lacking is helpful to the admission committees. If the child is in this position, you may consider asking to reclassify the child, meaning repeat a grade, as often our rigorous academics can be challenging for students who are underprepared.
If reclassification isn't right, you might also inquire about academic support programs, where students work closely with a qualified educator who can help him or her learn how to capitalize on strengths and develop coping mechanisms and strategies for areas that aren't as strong

What do we look for in Parents?

We love to engage with parents of our prospective students and get to know them. We are keen to know if you are going to be involved in your child's education, and be a partner with the school? Will you be supportive of your student, but also supportive in terms of enforcing the expectations of the school? In certain instances, we have denied students who are perfectly qualified to attend, but whose parents are concerning. Over-involved parents, parents who feel entitled or, on the flip side, parents who are removed and not supportive of their children can be negative influences on the school community. Teachers have demanding jobs already, and parents who may pose a concern for the school by being needy or demanding can result in a student not being accepted.

To know more you may:

  • Speak to one of our admission counselors, by clicking on the “Click to get a call back” icon below.
  • Plan a campus visit by writing to us at
  • Engage with us in one of our road shows. To know more about the dates and cities we are visiting click here